A small flame

A small flame

Vacation #1

Each year since we were married, Phil and I have taken a mini vacation for our wedding anniversary. There have been years when I thought we wouldn't be able to go any more - when the kiddos were little or when we became a Seminary family, for instance, but the Lord and my sweet hubby have always made it happen. We have wonderful family and friends who love on our kiddos while we're gone so we can relax and know that they're having fun too. I am so blessed!

We love the mountains, so this year we drove north and west to the Asheville area which has some beautiful, mountainous scenery.


Getting there was a bit nerve-wracking, as it absolutely poured rain. I was glad that my very experienced driver-hubby was driving instead of me! Eventually it cleared up.... which was a good thing because I didn't want to drive those mountain roads in sheeting rain.

We stayed in a little out-of-the-way place run by semi-retired couple who moved to the region several years ago from Germany. It wasn't fancy, but it was clean and had a pretty view.

The best find of our stay was a waterfall on some near-by property that our hosts owned. It was an easy 20 minute walk into the woods (thanks to my regular treadmill practice ;o) and so, so beautiful. Best, it was non-commercialized.

Gotta love unspoiled beauty

{and camera self-timers} !

Phil really enjoys bluegrass music, so one of our goals was to take in some live bluegrass. We found this local venue, built and operated by an older couple who own a nearby tractor supply / junk yard. In their words {begin heavy Southern drawl}, 'Everybody around here picks somethin', so we wanted to give 'em a place to come and pick'.

They filled a large room with old theater-type seats, added a little stage and dance floor up front, and viola!

{thanks to the person who stood up in front of me right as I took this ;O)}

The room was mostly full of cute, elderly couples - I think Phil and I were the youngest couple there. It was so sweet to watch these couples dance to slow love songs. I hope Phil and I can do that when we're old.... guess we'd better take some dance lessons. Ha!

They were good dancers. And spry!

Several of the ladies wore these clacking shoes and could they dance! Watching them was almost as fun as listening to the music ;o)

One day we drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway. We've driven a different stretch of the Parkway in Virginia a couple of times, and though this North Carolina piece of it was different from the one in VA, it was beautiful.

There's just something amazing (and, ok, a bit creepy too) about driving so high that you're in the clouds. We ate lunch at a restaurant near the crest of Mount Mitchell, which has as its claim to fame, that it is both the highest peak of the Appalachian Mountains and the highest peak in the eastern U.S. I wish the view had been better, but lunch in the clouds is pretty cool too ;O)

A couple more of my favorite shots from this trip . . .

We're so blessed to live just a few hours from such beauty! We had so much fun on this vacation and saw so much gorgeous scenery. Thanks to my baby sis for keeping my boys in line for us!

We love you, Aunt Beth!


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