A small flame

A small flame

Tuesday Tidbits

Phil started summer school this week. For the next 3 weeks, he'll work most of the night, go to class all morning, and cram a semester's-worth of work into his afternoon & evening. Hopefully he'll find time to sleep in there too. Somewhere.

So while he's doing all that, of course I will be shouldering the weight of parenting and keeping the household running. Most of the time I don't mind being a seminary wife, but truthfully summer school is a stinky time for me.

And while we're talking about seminary wives, my sweet friend {D} is moving away this week. She's a seminary wife and they're done with seminary. Don't get me wrong - I'm super excited for them to be moving on to the ministry they've trained for and prayed toward. Super excited! But I'm gonna miss her. Did I mention she's also my gym buddy? *sigh*

Aaand I'm tired of summer already. God graciously gifted me with comfortable, not-humid weather until almost the end of May, really. I'm so grateful. But the past month has been hot! A muggy, not-gonna-let-up-til-maybe-November-southern-summer heat. *sigh again*

{On a lighter note } The biggies are going to Science Camp this week. Science in the Summer is an awesome program available in NC that offers free science classes at several local librarys. All I had to do was sign the boys up (there are a limited amount of spots to fill but they both got a spot). This week they're studying Electricity & Magnetism. Daniel's session is in the morning and Matthew's is in the afternoon. They're having a blast......BUT

When I went to pick Daniel up yesterday, his teacher said 'Oh, are you Daniel's Mom?'

Rarely a great sign, I assure you.

LinkWhen I said (a bit hesitantly) that I was, she said, 'I've told Daniel that at Summer Science Camp we do not eat our CapriSun boxes or our snack baggies. Even if Mom lets us do it at home.' *wink* Oh joy! I assured her that I do not let Daniel eat either CapriSun boxes or baggies on a regular basis and that I would re-remind Daniel that the purpose of the class was not an encore presentation of the Daniel Show.

happy Tuesday.......


laura said...

Ahh, Rachel, wish I could give you a hug. Not an easy week it sounds. Praying for God's grace for you during this time.

Your Caprisun story gave me the giggles. I'm sure it was no fun, but it is so funny! He'll love that story later! or at least his kids will! ;)

Thanks for sharing your Tuesday with us!

sarah said...

I have a feeling I will have the same conversation about Jack! ;) I will be praying for you over the next few weeks!

Rachel said...

Thanks, gals. I appreciate the encouragement. God is good ;o)