A small flame

A small flame

So much stuff, so little blog

Our summer is in full swing..... Let's see if I can get caught up a bit.

First, the boys finished AWANA for another year. Daniel even got a ribbon for finishing his book. Go, Daniel! ;o)

If you asked them, they'd probably tell you that the best part of the night was the cookies they got to eat afterwards.... or maybe the helium balloons that they brought home. But I think the real star of the night was Thomas who had his debut stage performance.

Instead of singing the Puggles song with his little friends, though, he sat sucking his thumb and looking around. Finally, near the end of the song, he unplugged and announced loudly, 'I don't know this song! I only know two songs.' I'm sure he knows the song - they sing it every week and we never miss an AWANA. *sigh* Well, I guess it's a good story to tell at his high school graduation or wedding or some other, equal-opportunity event ;o)

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