A small flame

A small flame

Next Stop

...family vacation.

Until this summer, our family had never taken a just-us family vacation. (Our vacations usually center around traveling north to visit extended family.) So, Phil and I decided this was the summer to take a 'real' family vacation. The boys were voting for the beach, but Phil and I chose a state park some friends had recommended. Maybe it's because I grew up living for weeks at a time in villages, but 'roughing it' has absolutely no appeal to me. My husband (bless him) decided that we would skip the tent camping and stay in a cabin in the Park for the week. Besides keeping his wife happy ;o) this was a good move since the weather was hot (mid 90s) & humid by day and stormy by night.

The cabin {which turned out to be much nicer than I had imagined it would be} had basic dishes, but we still had to take all our linens & towels, as well as stuff to keep three boys entertained, and (of course) food for a week. It was a LOT of stuff!

The boys were so excited to get there! They literally skipped everywhere for the first day and a half ;o) The cabin had enough beds for 6 people, but that included a pull-out sofa in the living room which we decided not to use so the living room could be used by late-to-bed grown-ups and early-to-rise children. So, we made Thomas a bed in one of the closets. It was a perfect space for him and he thought he was big stuff to have his own space ;o)

Although we don't let our boys watch a huge amount of movies or video games at home, it was a challenge for them to be completely unplugged from media for the week.

When we weren't enjoying the park, we played a lot of games, visited a local library and checked out a stack of books, and roasted marshmallows and hotdogs. Phil taught Thomas to play Uno, and Matthew beat Phil and I in game after game of Skip-Bo. There wasn't enough actual quiet to suit me, courtesy of the three boys, but I managed to sneak in some quiet moments to read or think or pray out on our screened-in porch.

To be continued......

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