A small flame

A small flame

Family Vacation {part 2}

When we announced we were going to a state park instead of the beach, the boys were a bit disappointed. As it turns out it was the best of both worlds as Phil got his mountains and the boys got their sand and water.

We spent time at the lake nearly every day on our vacation & {all} the boys splashed to their hearts content!

Putting on all that sunscreen was a chore, let me tell you! I much prefer the spray-on kind, but I was determined to use up that tube of sunscreen that we already had. I'm happy to announce that we threw it away on our last day.... it's spray-on from here on out, baby!

We bought the boys snorkels and they traveled many happy miles back and forth across the beach front.

The biggies also caught these little guys and kept them in a pool they dug in the sand. They tried to talk me into letting them bring them home, but a mama's got to draw the line somewhere ;o)

Here are some more of my favorite pics from our lake time.....


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