A small flame

A small flame

We are officially

done with school. Yippee!!

The boys finished up their work on Tuesday and Phil took his last final for the semester yesterday.

We had root beer floats to celebrate

The end of this semester officially puts us over the half-way point, credit-wise, to his M-Div degree. Did you see the cute little ticker I added on my sidebar? Slowly but surely we're counting it down!

Summer, here we come!

We've got some some fun family adventures planned and I'm looking forward to having extra time to work on some crafty projects.

Do you have any exciting summer plans?


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Crazy Mom said...

YAY, Rachel! So exciting!!! :) With me working this summer, we will probably have a much less busy summer as far as traveling goes. I'm really looking forward to that. my kids are signed up for swimming lessons. They really are at the age where I need to be able to let them get into a pool or lake WITHOUT making them wear those swim rings or other floaty things! LOL! :D We are also planning on at least 2 VBS weeks this summer, and they will get to go on lots of feild trips with the childcare where I work and spend lots of days with Grandma and Grandpa on other days that I'm working. Hope you have a very relaxing and family-time filled summer! miss you!!!!