A small flame

A small flame

Matthew's Birthday

My oldest 'baby' turned nine this weekend and, as I've already blogged, decided he wanted to have a Ninjago-themed birthday party. I worked on it all week long, and had a blast with the creative outlet it gave me.

I made two banners to decorate with. This smaller one of mini figure shapes I made using this template. It was a bit time-consuming to cut these all out, but I made it one evening while I watched TV, and that was a relaxing way to multitask ;o)

The larger banner I also made in one evening from a pack of construction paper.

Because of baseball games and other scheduling conflicts, several of the friends Matthew invited couldn't make the party, but in the end he had 3 friends come. I figured 6 little boys was enough for one Mama ;o)

After each boy arrived, we set them to work decorating a ninja mask. The boys really got into this and were so creative.

Phil helped me set up a couple of games for the boys to test their Ninja skills.

In this game, the boys had to balance on a beam and then throw some 'throwing stars' at a target.

We also made a bunch of swords. I bought pool noodles from the Do**ar Tr** and asked Phil to cut them in half. He wrapped one end of each piece in duct tape and we had a great, inexpensive weapon stash. {Side note, these would also make great light sabers for a Star Wars themed party!}

For this game, the boys stood on their 'spinners' and sword-fought until one of them fell off.

Of course, when you give a boy a sword . . . . it won't be long before they gang up and attack Dad ;o)

I decided to do cupcakes instead of a cake. This made serving & clean-up a lot easier, but the real reason is that I couldn't pass up the opportunity to make these cute guys! These ninjas were easy & quick to make and the boys loved choosing their favorite ninja to eat.

I made Matthew a special cupcake with a fondant figure {my very first} on the top.

In case you aren't familiar with Ninjago, or if you're having trouble interpreting my artwork, this is Matthew's favorite ninja atop his spinner. His 'weapon' was a candle which we, of course, lit for Matthew to blow out.

We had a few other snacks too. My favorite was this adorable sushi made from candy, fruit roll-ups and rice krispie treats. Simple to make and so, so cute ;o ) {Photo tutorial here.}

At the end of the party, each boy took home their mask, a sword, and a couple of these cute marshmallow pops that I made to look like the Lego skeletons from Ninjago.

The Birthday Boy voted this birthday the 'best birthday ever!' ;o)



Ronnica said...

Wow...you did a great job. I'm impressed!

Crazy Mom said...

I love the cupcakes!!! so cute! Maybe I need to get Jeremiah interested in Ninjago before his next birthday! ;) love all the fun (and "inexpensive") stuff you did for the party!

Rachel said...

Thanks, ladies.

Ronnica, I can't promise you as much excitement when you visit, but we did have a few blank masks & swords left over if you're interested ;o)