A small flame

A small flame

It's a party!

The past couple of weeks, we've been busy planning a birthday party for Matthew. Can't believe he'll turn NINE in just a few days! The biggies alternate years having a 'friend party', so they each get one every second year. Ninjago is all the rage at our house right now, so the party theme was a no-brainer. I've been busy coming up with fun things to keep half-a-dozen or more kiddos busy for a couple of hours before I send them home to their mamas with sugar highs. ;o)

This is the invitation I made. It was super easy! The picture was a free download from L*go's website which I customized in my favorite photo shop-type program. Then all I had to do was upload it to T@rget's photo department and run in to pick it up later that day.

They look great and the cost was very reasonable. Matthew was thrilled with how they turned out, and I've gotta admit that I was too ;O)

More party stuff to come . . . .

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