A small flame

A small flame

Further Adventures

On our way home from the cousins, we came on this U-pick farm that I'd heard about but never visited. It was a gorgeous afternoon, so we decided to pull in and see what we could see.

This is what we needed on our picking adventure with the cousins ;o)

I thought this pirate ship was pretty fun-looking. . . .

but the boys were much more interested in this old airplane.

Phil and I realized that we could forget our someday-plans to build a playhouse for the boys - we just need to find a junk airplane to buy!

Did I mention that all the boys enjoyed the airplane?

We took a ride around the property which was interesting since we'd never been there before.

Philip's running commentary made the trip thrilling. We had a constant barrage of near-misses including the tractor almost tipping over, nearly driving into the lake, and coming under attack from a passing motorcycle 'gang'. I don't think I've ever been on such an exciting ride in my life!

Never a dull moment in this family!


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