A small flame

A small flame

Saturday night

is bath night. {Though I do bathe them other nights if they get piggy-dirty. . . Just sayin' ;o) }

Anyway, if you were a fly on my wall, you might think we torture Thomas on Saturday night. That is because he has his hair washed and ooooh does he scream. He hates having that water poured over his head! Every week we try to talk him through it and every time we end up trying to make ourselves heard over his yelling and crying.

But tonight he did so good. He was especially brave and, though I could tell he wanted to cry, he didn't. Not even a little bit. Of course Phil & I made a huge deal over how well he did and what a big boy he was to have his hair washed without crying.

You should have seen him, beaming from ear to ear, as he rushed into the room where his big brothers were playing, calling triumphantly to them; 'I'm getting bigger than you!'


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