A small flame

A small flame

moment:: teachable?

The biggies had an argument this morning. An argument that ended with one of them prostrate on his bed screaming and crying like he'd just lost a limb while the other one stubbornly held out that he was in the right.

All that drama for one, tiny Lego block that they each wanted.

All before breakfast. . . sigh

So, at breakfast we had a lovely conversation about the situation. About what desire was ruling their hearts {the Lego block} and what kind of king it made {stinky!}.

One biggie tried making wounded grunts and shooting his brother nasty looks instead of talking it out, and I saw a teachable moment about the importance of resolving their problems with others. I told them 'When you have a problem with someone else, you need to use your words to help solve the problem. Some people never learn to talk through their problems with other people. They become grown-ups who do just what you're doing now. They have a problem with someone else and, instead of going and talking it out honestly, they say hurtful things to the other person and they say angry, mean things to other people about the person and they whine and grumble. And those are the people who don't really have any friends because they push people away instead of resolving their problems.'

I'm not sure what the biggies were thinking about what I said, but Thomas was taking it all in. He was very serious as he confessed, shoving his imaginary brother for emphasis: "Brother was whining and I was pushing people away."

Not sure if the counseling session was a success, but Phil & I got a good laugh out of it later ;o)


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