A small flame

A small flame

moment:: giggle

"Why do we have a game that does this?"

That is what my baby asks me, and he holds out his hand, middle finger standing alone.

Now, as a Mama for almost 9 years, I have seen little hands make this salute before - always done in complete innocence - but it's always a bit of a shock to the system.

I have him repeat the question and am still puzzled - and a bit jarred - by his, um, question, so I tell him to ask Daddy. Then, like a good wife, I giggle quietly while he does, very earnest and sincere.

'Why do we have a game that does this?'

Daddy doesn't know either (and he's shoots glances of the I'm-trying-not-to-loose-it-laughing at me), but Daddy is smart and he has a plan.

"Show me", he says, and little feet go running. Daddy follows, and the mystery is solved....

Turns out, we do have a game that does that. ;o)



The family Z said...

Oh my word! Hilarious! I would have waxed on and on about how it was a rude gesture that one should never use and if you see another child do that, come tell mommy, etc. . .
Glad you had the foresight to wait and figure out what he was talking about!

Jennifer said...

That is hysterical and you are a chicken! I would have gone looking for older siblings who would be giggling behind the couch waiting for the hatchet to come down!