A small flame

A small flame

Friday Favorite

Here's one of my favorite ways to save money and feed my kids a something fun and bit healthier. We don't really do 'sugar cereal' at our house. Even if I wanted to plunk down the money for it at the store, it makes my kiddos hyper {like they're not hyper enough in their normal state ;o} and it's hardly any time at all before they're back in the kitchen saying they're hungry again.

BUT they love sweet cereal. Who doesn't? ;o)

My compromise is to mix a sugar cereal with a more healthy (and not sweet!) cereal. I long ago decided on L**ky Ch*rms (well, it's knock-off cousin) because it's fun without being super-sugary. I mix a 24oz bag with a regular-sized box (14 oz, I think) of Aldi-brand plain Ch**r*os. I do this as soon as I bring it home from the store & keep it in a tall plastic container. This definitely gives them the sweet taste without beeing too much sugar, and I feel good about the healtheir stuff they're getting with the 'O's. And, since the 'O's are cheaper, it brings the cost-per-bowl down too.

What's your favorite way to save money on kiddie-friendly food?



Angie said...

That is a great idea!

laura said...

I do this EXACT thing!!

I make them hot chocolate with the recipe on the back of the pure cocoa container. Instead of sugar I use Stevia or some other sweetener and milk. I give them a spoon to drink it one sip at a time. They LOVE it!

Rachel said...

Ha, Laura, that's awesome! Like the idea of sipping hot cocoa one spoon at a time. Mine gulp it down fast - I might have to try your way ;o)