A small flame

A small flame

Easter activities

Although I usually try to leave a definite time-gap between our Spring Celebration and Easter, we decided to delay our Spring celebration this year so Phil's parents can be a part of the egg hunt & other fun things we do. They're coming from overseas for a visit and will be here during this week. Since Spring Celebration and Easter will be happening so close together, I'm feeling the need for a very purposeful emphasis on the significance of Easter for my kids this year. It's always a bit confusing for them this season and, somehow, in spite of my best attempts to separate the two, I'm not always sure they get that Easter isn't about Jesus and 'Easter' bunnies, 'Easter' eggs and 'Easter' candy.

That said, I've been pretty busy doing projects around the house and getting ready for our guests, not to mention the every-day business of schooling the biggies and running my household. So, I needed some Easter ideas that would be meaningful without being time-consuming.

When I saw this great idea last week, I ran out & raided my hubby's shed right away.

The bowl-ful of nails in the middle of our table has prompted some interesting conversations, especially with Thomas who is old enough this year to begin to interact with the Easter story.

The other thing we did was to create an Easter garden, (inspired here and here). Over the weekend we explored our woods for moss and little plants and had fun putting it all together.

Two of the boys' neighbor-friends came over to see what we were doing and were eager to help gather supplies. That meant that I got to share the gospel with them as we put the Easter garden together on our front porch. What a great opportunity!

the unfriendly guard at the tomb

What are you doing to make Easter a central theme at your house this week?

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Karen said...

Love the Easter garden. What a great idea, and not just for kids either.