A small flame

A small flame

To Health!

For most of my life, I've had really good health. , Although I am aware that good health is a gift & I'm so thankful for it, I'm sure it's also something I take for granted!

The past couple of years have taken a toll, though. I still don't have any huge health issues, but there are more and more little things that I'm noticing. It's funny - I hadn't really thought about how the extreme emotional distress I've experienced over the past 3 years or so had affected me physically until a few conversations I've had recently. It seems that in our bodies, being the intricate machine God created them to be, everything is connected to everything else in some way.

I have a wonderful chiropractor here who also has a degree in nutrition, and we've had some very interesting discussions about it all. I've been amazed to realize how certain things have crept up on me. What seems normal to me now has actually come on gradually over the past months as my body has responded to the enormous amounts of emotional stress and upheaval our family has walked through. I've done a lot of focusing on emotional healing over the past year, and now I realize I've got to do some work on physiological healing as well. Dr. D. & I are going to be working together to help me to heal physically and hopefully avoid further, more serious problems down the road.

I had some blood work done to see where the problem areas are, and I've got a list of lovely supplements to take & start replenishing things my body needs to function healthfully. I'm also starting a pretty strict eating plan, cutting out all grains and going gluten-free, among other things, in an effort to give my body the best opportunity to heal. It should be interesting! I don't think I'm up for blogging the nitty-gritty of my daily diet and supplement-swallowing {aren't you glad?} but I'm sure that I'll be sharing some of what I'm learning or observing about this new experience.

Consider this is your 'fair warning' ;o)

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