A small flame

A small flame

Spring Break Projects {2}


Last September, I made new curtains for the boys' bedroom in seminary housing. They'd been using the ones I had made when we moved back to the U.S. from Australia @ 6 years earlier, and I figured they were due for a change. I found this fun fabric that looks like it has primary colored ribbons curling & streaming down it, and I figured it would go with just about any bedding, etc, they have over the next several years.

Then, in December we moved to the house and the window was a very different size. Much narrower and more than a foot higher. Bummer! I still wanted to use those new curtains, but they were going to need some fixing in order to work.

Thankfully I had saved the fabric I cut off when I fit the curtains to the windows they were originally made for. It was just the right size to make the curtains long enough. Then I had to add more thermal lining...

{left by the previous owner}


... and then there was the matter of making them work with the window's existing hardware. The drapes that had been on that window when we moved in open & shut with a pull-chord, which my boys loved. Since the window is so tall, the drapery system means they can open & shut their own curtains without help. They were pleased to be getting new curtains, but had specifically asked that the hardware be left so they could still open and shut them. I figured this was reasonable (and saved me some work ;o) but it turned out to be a bit of a challenge. Since I was working with existing fabric, there really wasn't enough width to put in a bunch of pleats for the drapery hooks to be in. {And, truth be told, I wasn't thrilled about having pleated drapes in their room anyway} I ended up just pleating a strip of plain, white fabric and sewing it onto the back of the curtains. That worked great and the boys are tickled with the result, and Mama is too ;O)

Here's my question for you:: When I lengthened the curtains, I matched the strip of fabric I had cut off exactly with the existing curtain {my Mom would be so proud ;o) } but because the 'ribbons' twist and curl, they are randomly wider & narrower, so the seam is pretty visible to me. Do you see it? Is it just me? Should I leave it, or should I cover the seam with something cute? A bunch of bright buttons, maybe? Or some ribbons?

Please give me your input! I'm all ears ;o)



Angie said...

I would not have noticed had you not pointed it out to me. I really had to look for it. But now that you pointed it out my eyes were drawn to it. My guess is that not many people will be seeing their curtains, at least not analyzing them, so don't worry about it. But if it will drive you crazy I say do something about it.

Karen said...

Same here. It might be fun to tack some thick rick-rack over the seam, though.

Elizabeth said...

If it were me, I would have to do something with it or it would drive me crazy and I would not be happy with how they turned out... but maybe that's my OCD coming out. :) Rick-rack would kind of mirror the pattern in the fabric.

Rachel said...

Thanks for the ideas, gals. I'm a little OCD about it, so I may have to do something about it. ;o)