A small flame

A small flame

Spring Break Projects {1}

Spring Break Day 1: new living room curtains

When we moved to start seminary life, I brought along all the curtains I had - you know, just 'cause I didn't know what would fit. Turns out, what fit in our large living room window in the seminary-owned townhouse was a pair of curtains that my Mom & I had made after Phil & I got married for our first apartment. If you're keeping track, that would be 12 years this May. They were in ok shape... and they fit... and they were free ;o)

Fast forward a year and a bit, and we suddenly found ourselves home owners. I put those same curtains in our new living room window, but I really wanted something different. I knew exactly what I wanted: floor-length, chocolate, faux (so I could wash 'em) silk drapes. I priced them at a few stores and quickly decided there were many other ways we needed to spend that money. I priced the fabric thinking I could make them myself, but they were only slightly cheaper that way - not enough of a savings to make it worth my while. So, I didn't get curtains. But I did start praying that maybe God would let me find my curtains at the Sharing Shop. I wasn't sure if He ever would and, honestly, those curtains from our first apartment were covering the window just fine so I didn't really need new curtains.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I saw something made of 'that' fabric, hanging on a rack at Sharing Shop. It turned out to be a full-size duvet cover and the fabric was exactly what I had wanted for my curtains, so I carried it home to look it over more closely. It turns out, the duvet cover 'just happened' to be the exact amount of fabric I needed to make curtains. The backing of the duvet cover was just right to make the lining too. So, I spent a day sewing (around parenting, laundry, & meals, of course) and by the time I went to bed I was the tickled-pink owner of a pair of custom-made-by-me floor length, chocolate faux silk drapes. Isn't God amazing?!


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