A small flame

A small flame

Off and Running

Today is the first day of our spring break! Everybody from Daddy on down has the week off of school..... and nobody is as excited about that as me ;o) I've been plotting & planning some great projects for this week. I'm hoping to:

1) finish our entry way.... this involves a bit of paint and my very first vinyl wall saying {sooo excited!}

2) sew a valance for the master bathroom

3) sew new curtains for the living room

4) participate in week 1 of Project Simplify.... this week's challenge is my closet, which is a war zone! I haven't even tried to organize it since the move!

5) make the boys' curtains work in their new window

and, if I actually make it this far,
6) decorate the boys' bathroom ..... which also involves paint

I'm also hoping to keep meals on the table, wash the dishes, do the laundry, parent 3 boys, and go on a dinner date with my sweetie {this last one could be tricky, given my current grain-and-gluten-free diet}

Gulp! Guess I'd better get off of this computer & get crackin'

Happy Monday, ya'll!

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