A small flame

A small flame

I am officially

a 'soccer mom' ;o)

Just a few minutes from our house is the local kids' soccer league fields. Our boys haven't played organized sports before, but we've wanted to get them involved, both for the sake of developing their abilities and character and for the opportunities it will give us as a family to interact with other families in the community. So, we signed Matthew up to play soccer this spring.

Today was their first game and, although they lost by one point, he seemed to have fun. He's not real great at it, of course (they've had just 1 practice and I think this was the first game he's ever watched, let alone played), but I'm sure he'll improve. I got a few pics, thanks to the awesome zoom on my camera.

They might be a bit deceiving though. There actually was some of this.....

But he mostly did this...

or even this.....

(Here Thomas wanted to know 'why is Matthew in Time Out?' ;o)

Thankfully there were a couple of other new kids on the team, so he wasn't the only one who wasn't quite sure what to do. After each game, the coaches give 'awards' to a couple of players just to encourage them, and this week Matthew got the Player's Award - he said it was 'because I listened and obeyed'. So he came away happy and confident, which I appreciated ;o)

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