A small flame

A small flame

gluten-free date


Phil & I haven't been on a date since before we moved to the house, so when our friends offered to babysit so we could go out, we were excited. . . . Then I remembered that I'm gluten-free right now. Wait a minute! This just got more complicated!

Thankfully, since more & more people are avoiding gluten, there are restaurants that offer gluten-free options on their menu. I found this great resource. You can choose your state and it gives you a list of restaurants (chain restaurants as well as local ones) that offer specifically gluten-free meals.

We decided to go to Ch*li's and I had the Montery Chicken (without the mashed potatoes or tomatoes 'cause I've also cut out nightshade veggies.) Yummy! Hooray for being able to eat 'out' and stay gluten free.

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