A small flame

A small flame

Friday Favorite

Since we began schooling with Matthew, reading has been a difficult subject for him. Matthew has amblyopia, an eye condition where one eye sees very poorly (at @ 3 years old Matthew tested at 20/400 in his 'bad' eye), and one eye that sees normally. This makes things like reading especially difficult for him. Even now in 3rd grade, a good day in reading often looks like him slowly struggling through a chapter of a book while maintaining a positive attitude. On worse days, he is discouraged and often in tears. Over time I have seen his reading level improve, but he still hasn't enjoyed reading.

Until recently!

Typically, I choose several appropriate books at the library & bring them home and then the boys get to choose their next reading book from the selection I have provided. A few weeks ago I brought home the first book in the Magic Tree House series by Mary Pope Osborne. Matthew chose it as his next book and he. loved. it!

He has since finished the first book & another book in the series. Both times he has chosen to read 2 or 3 chapters in one day just so he can finish the book faster and move on to the next book in the series. I cannot express how huge this is for him - and me! He has been enjoying, even looking forward to, reading time each day and choosing to push himself for the first time and I am thrilled!

Any book that helps him to love reading deserves a spot in my 'favorites' list, for sure!



Tanya said...

Ella LOVES the Magic Tree House series! From what I can tell, her whole first grade class is addicted to them and just can't seem to get enough.

Angie said...

My girls just discovered these books last week. They devoured the four that they checked out and today checked out like 7 more. They sound like a neat series.

Anonymous said...

My girls LOVE these books too! Izzy used to complain about reading, but these books motivated her to want to read too. They actually asked for the newest books in the series for Christmas...it was a gift I didn't mind buying for a change! Hope he continues to enjoy reading!

Heather Yuskis

Karen said...

yay!!! that's awesome. :^)