A small flame

A small flame

Friday Favorite

One of the things I appreciate about the church we are members of is that that they take their responsibility to equip believers for ministry very seriously. {This is not a big church, little church issue: I'm convinced that churches of any size can do a good job of equipping the members of their bodies. The fact that the Door is a large church just means that they can offer more 'equipping' classes at one time.} But I digress....

Each Sunday night while the kiddos are in AWANA, the church offers several discipleship classes. The classes usually run for 8 weeks, and are often focus based around the study of a particular book, with various members of the church step up to teach the classes. I have taken a few classes since we began attending there and have been so blessed! This session, I chose to take a class on mothering based on this book:

Phil & I have always embraced a heart-centered style of parenting, and are well-acquainted with Ted Trip's Shepherding a Child's Heart. While I whole-heartedly agree with his theology of parenting, I have found myself frustrated sometimes with not knowing how those principles should be implemented in the nitty-gritty of parenting. Don't Make Me Count to Three is like a Mom-friendly version of Shepherding a Child's Heart! Ginger Plowman does such a good job of taking the heart-centered principles from scripture and putting skin on them. I have found so much direction for my parenting in this book! My only complaint is that I needed it when I first became a parent, instead of nearly 9 years into the project ;o)

Seriously, all you Mamas, you should read. this. book!



sarah said...

Hi Rachel! I just had a good friend tell me this was an excellent book! I have a list to order from Amazon and am planning on adding this to it!

Rachel said...

I need a 'like' button on here ;o)

Hope you get a chance to read it soon... though that's not real likely, is it? ;o)