A small flame

A small flame

when hind-sight leaves you awestruck


I heard this song on the radio this week - back then it was our theme song - and memories flooded back.

Two years ago this week, after nearly a year of sitting in the barren expanse our lives had become, Phil & I packed our kiddos off to Nana's house, flew to Raleigh, North Carolina, rented a car and drove down the road into what would become our new lives.

There's a part of me that will always mourn the way our old life was ripped away from us while we struggled, helpless, to stay afloat. But I am in awe of - so incredibly thankful for - the ways God has directed us in the past 2 years and the gifts he has flooded our lives with.

Giving thanks in quiet wonder today for......

a healthy church to be part of

- one that actively equips saints for ministry

new friends

a hubby, learning & growing


little boys with southern accents

.... and Mama too sometimes ;o)

Sundays without tears

a new van


our first home

with perfect places for boys to get muddy

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Craig said...

I’m visiting from Ann’s today. I know it’s Wednesday – but there are so many!!

I always pick a favorite - and my favorite of yours today was laughter – we need that – and smiles – or life gets to weary and worn – I just prayed that you have a little more laughter – I get the feeling you deserve it!!

God Bless you and all of yours this day.