A small flame

A small flame

We've lived......

in this new place just less than 2 months, but it feels like much longer. We feel so very at-home in our home. I am still amazed - nearly daily - that we live here; that this is our house. I love knowing that my boys have this great place with woods to ramble in and quiet streets to ride their bikes down. If God keeps us on the path He's led us down so far, we'll live here until the boys are nearly grown {amazing thought!}. And He couldn't have given us a more wonderful place for them fill their boy-days with!

So extremely, overwhelmingly thankful for all more-that-I-asked-for gifts He's given!

sunlight filling my kitchen

window-view of woods

muddy boots

washing machine

backyard marshmallow roasts

flashlights bobbing in our woods

while boy-voices call to each other in the dark

front porch reading spot

tire swing flights

empty boxes

bowl brimming with free bread and sunbeams


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Angie said...

We've been in our place only a couple months longer and still have the same awe evoking feelings of Praise at the wonderful place God has provided for us to raise our kids. He truly is a wonderful God isn't he.