A small flame

A small flame

So, I've been

..... making my own laundry soap for about a year now and am still very pleased with it. In fact, I was just commenting the other day to Phil that the original boxes of borax and washing soda, which we bought when I began making the soap (they cost maybe $5 each?) have lasted me this entire year and will last me for several more batches of soap. Amazing!

The only negative thing I have discovered about the homemade laundry soap is that there is no perfum-y smell to cover up ground-in smells. I don't notice a problem with this very often, but do occasionally have it with things like my gym clothes or Phil's work clothes which can get quite grimy and oily. The clothes seem clean, but those particular smells just tend to hang on where, with store-bought soap, the heavy scents would have covered them up. Have you noticed this problem? I'm not sure if I have it because I don't add any scents to my soap?

Anyway, the solution I've discovered for this problem is plain old baking soda from my kitchen cabinet. If I add 1/2 cup of baking soda to the rinse cycle of an especially smelly load, the clothes come out smelling clean. I know several of you have told me that you are making your own soap now, so I just thought I'd share this tip.



Gretchen said...

I was going to suggest scented dryer sheets, but I didn't know if you used those. I buy my detergent, but try to buy the scent-free kind. But for some things (like towels, kitchen cloths, etc) the smell is just so much better if it comes out of the dryer with a little SOMETHING. ;)

I applaud your awesome skills!

Rachel said...

That's a good idea, Gretchen! I don't use dryer sheets very often, and never thought of using them to help with the scent. Hmmm...I may have to try that. Thanks for the idea ;o)