A small flame

A small flame

When you were young

TP Mischief
{Fall 2006}

Once when you were young, Matthew and Daniel - about 4 and 2 1/2, I think - I had left you alone for a just few minutes while I ran downstairs to the basement to put the laundry into the dryer. As I worked, I realized that there was water dripping through the ceiling. The ceiling that, on it's top-side, was the floor of our half-bathroom. I was afraid to know what had happened, and ran quickly upstairs to the bathroom. I opened the closed door and was greeted by this sight:

You were both soaking wet! The floor of the bathroom was flooded, and water was splashed up the walls and even on the mirror. The brand new roll of toilet paper, which I had just gotten out a short time before, had completely disappeared. Well, almost completely..... There were still teeny, tiny bits of it stuck to the mirror, the walls, and your clothes. Little bits of the paper floated in the water still on the floor. Apparently, you had managed to flush the rest of it away.

I was horrified! And, I was absolutely amazed that you could make such a mess - and flush an entire roll of paper away - in such a very short time! You didn't even seem to know you had been naughty. I think you'd just been curious to see what would happen to the paper. I took this picture, all the time telling you that this was not funny and was very naughty, and then I cleaned both of you up and wiped down the bathroom. You made some awful messes when you were little, but this one might win the prize as the worst!

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