A small flame

A small flame

When you were young

I've been looking through photos recently of when the 'biggies' were little. Brought back so many memories! I've told them a few of the stories that the pictures brought to mind, which they've absolutely loved. There have been gales of laughter and pleas of 'Please tell us more, Mom!' So, I thought before I forget these stories of their childhood, I'd better get them written down. And what better place to do that then my blog? That way you can join in the fun too :o)

I had so much fun recently recording a few stories from my own growing up years - something I hope they will enjoy reading as they get older. That has given me the idea for a a new project that I hope will become a fun keepsake for my boys. Stories of when they were young.......

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When You Were Young.....
{Summer 2006}

Here's how I found you one day, Matthew. I had put you in my bedroom - to separate you from Daniel - for quiet room time. I would give you a stack of books to look at and tell you to stay on my bed. This day when I came to check on you, you had fallen asleep..... though obviously not without carefully arranging these books around you first.


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