A small flame

A small flame

a prayer of roses

Whether you celebrate with 14 days of valentines for your hubby, spoil him on February 14th, or prefer to boycott the H*llm*rk hype that surrounds Valentines Day all together, you can't possibly avoid seeing the roses. They're everywhere! Every time I go anywhere I drive past the florist on our little town's main street and breathe deep to enjoy all the beauty that's on display there.

I love roses....maybe that's why this post over at Laura's blog grabbed me so firmly. I had no idea that roses had such an awful, heartbreaking meaning in other parts of the world!

She writes:

'On the streets of Southeast Asia, children and women selling roses often means

they are selling themselves.

And maybe a pimp watches from dark alleys, or maybe they have nowhere to run,

but the disadvantaged are sometimes forced to sell much more than the long-stemmed flowers in their hands.'

I hope I never look at roses in the same way again! I love her idea of a Prayer of the Roses - that whenever we see roses in the store, at a florist's or even in our own vases, we would be reminded to pray specifically for the trafficked & abused children in our world.

If you've got just a minute, would you stop by her blog to read her entire post? And would you commit, with me, to use all of the roses we will be surrounded with for the next month to prompt a prayer vigil for the children who are forced to sell roses?


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Laura said...

Thanks, Rachel, for spreading the word and for caring and for PRAYING. It's encouraging that you have a heart for the least of these . . .