A small flame

A small flame

Down Memory Lane - Fifth & Sixth Grade

This is the eighth post in a series of 12 posts scheduled by Mommy's Piggy Tales, which encourages women to record stories from their childhood for future generations to enjoy.

The summer before I started fifth grade, our family flew back to the U.S. for furlough. It was a whirlwind year of traveling, visiting relatives and churches that supported my family financially. We returned to the field a few weeks before I started sixth grade.

That furlough year I used birthday money and bought my first camera, a little red Vivitar.

It's funny to me how the number of snapshots in my photo album jumps way, way up about this time. I took so many pictures . . . I guess nothing's changed there ;o) Since I have so many, I thought I'd let them tell the story of these 2 years.


No furlough would be complete without . . . can you guess?
Yep - another prayer card picture {Obviously not my photography}

Middle of the summer - we drove out of a tunnel on our travels somewhere in Colorado and it was snowing great, big snowflakes. We hadn't seen snow in 5 years! Dad pulled over to the side of the road and we excitedly piled out and stood laughing in the snow, oblivious to the traffic driving past.

During that school year I participated in a fine arts competition at the Christian school we attended. I won a red ribbon for a short story I wrote, and blue ribbons in sewing and baking.

I won a coloring contest at Walmart that Christmas. My brother James won in his age category too. Our prize was a gift certificate - $25 each, if I remember correctly, to spend in the store. I bought a Cabbage Patch with my prize money.

Sometime during that furlough year I got a new, not-so-great hair 'do'.

I now refer to this as my 'Beethoven' year.

I sang in a choir at school that went to state competitions. I took waaay too many pictures on this bus ride. This one is for my friend, Donette - proof that we knew each other way back then ;O)

On the way back to PNG, we visited Sea World in Honolulu, HI.

Back in PNG

We attended the Independence Day parade. Parades in PNG are not nearly as elaborate as American ones. Almost anybody with a truck throws a few palm fronds on for decoration and joins the lineup.

Our dog, Bonnie, had puppies.

I sewed my first dress.

I was extremely proud of this strawberry-splashed dress.

Our family had some excitement, courtesy of the Royal Australian Air-force. PNG saw a lot of fighting during WW II and there are downed aircraft all over those jungles. During my sixth grade year, the RAF was conducting missions to recover some of these airplanes.

The units who were doing the recovery missions were based out of our town. They would fly out during the day and bring parts of the airplanes they found back to the Madang airport. They would sort & catalog their finds there before shipping them back to Australia. The process took several weeks and my Dad, who started conversations to everybody, met some of the soldiers involved in the missions. They were very friendly and invited him to bring the whole family to the airport to see their finds.

They gave us tours of the helicopters that they were using for their recoveries and {my favorite!} the huge Hercules plane they used to carry their finds back to Australia. They gave us cold sodas {a real treat!}, and even some old spark plugs and bits of metal from the WW II airplanes they were bringing back from the jungle.

{When I told my boys the war wreck story, they were extremely excited to see my bits of the recovered aircraft . . . unfortunately, I don't think I kept any of them. That kind of thing wasn't as important to me as it was to my brothers, I guess.}



Donette said...

Yep, that looks like me, but I have NO memory of that dress! Looks pretty frilly! :) Thanks for sharing the photos. I'll have to show my mom and see if she remembers.

Rachel said...

Maybe it's your twin ;o)

Karen said...

congrats on winning those contests! I remember entering some, but I don't think I ever won. Karen (from Group 3)

organizedmama said...

what great memories. I love how you bought a cabbage patch, I would have done the same thing!

Emma said...

Man, those were some good prizes for a coloring contest! :)
-Emily (group3)

Jessica said...

What an exciting year! I'm interested in looking back and reading your previous posts!

Susan McCurdy said...

Nice strawberry dress! Puppies when returning to the field must have been a nice surprise!

Janna said...

Exciting stories as always! Loved seeing Donette! I always wanted to win one of those coloring contests:)