A small flame

A small flame

December 17, 18, 19

Well, we're moved. Tomorrow we have to go back & clean the old place . . . you know, evict all the dust bunnies and Legos, and pencils, and crayons, and assorted other treasures that accumulated under the furniture while we lived there.

But we're moved.

We don't have internet at the house yet - right now I'm enjoying the relative quiet of McD while the boys are at their last AWANA of the year.

I didn't have a chance to post pics over the past few days, but {of course} I was taking them ;o)

Here's a glimpse of our past few days. . . .

The boys have had a BLAST in the house while it was empty. They played hide and seek in the empty closets and cupboards, 'rolling tag' across the empty floors, and made trains that chugged away on 'tracks' of extra carpet we had put down to protect the floors. I was kinda sad for them when stuff moved into the house.

In spite of getting behind because of water that stopped running at the house (turned out to be as simple as replacing the filter) and a mix of snow and icy rain that made roads unsafe to drive on for a while, Phil finished painting the final coats of paint in our room the night before we moved in.

self explanatory . . .

my men relaxing this morning in our new living room

Our Care Group had its monthly lunch after church today. They didn't let us contribute anything to lunch today, which spared me some stress this weekend. And, after lunch, they 'pounded' us with several bags & boxes full of food and household items.

It will be a while before we have all the boxes unpacked, but I'm determined to do only what I need to do to make the house functional and best serve my family this week. Then we're gonna enjoy the last week of the Christmas season! The boxes will still be there next week ;o)

. . . . now where did I put the coffee?!


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