A small flame

A small flame

December 13

When we lived in WI, our landlord let us paint our bedroom. Phil chose the color scheme, a warm brown on 3 walls and a red accent wall, and I loved it. I was sad to leave my beautiful room behind for we're-renting-white walls again here in NC. Now that we have our own house, Phil is once again painting our bedroom. We picked up the paint today - 'Red Delicious' and 'Warm Caramel' which, Phil noted, means we'll have a caramel apple room ;O)

Yay for non-white walls coming soon to my new bedroom!!

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Anonymous said...

Ha...I find it funny that Aaron & I had that same color scheme in our bedroom at our first house :)

Love it!

Heather Y

Rachel said...

that is funny ;o)

Jennifer Bramblet said...

Very sexy! :)

sarah said...

My living room/dining room iare those colors but our tan is sauteed mushrooms! I like carmel apples much better! However, I did us it to convince Eric to let me paint, he was hestitant about color but he does love mushrooms!! :)