A small flame

A small flame

Well . . . .

I'm still here.

I'm even still sane. . . . . mostly

I think.

This past weekend we drove 12 hours there and back to visit Phil's family. Several of us converged on his brother & sister-in-law's house in Kentucky - a happy jumble of grandma, aunts, uncles and cousins. The holidays we've spent with that much of his family have been few and far between. We had a wonderful time! The traveling was looong but uneventful and safe - I'm struck again with how blessed we are to have driven so many miles without incident.

4 of the 6 cousins at Thanksgiving dinner

The past month has been absolutely crazy with offers and accepted offer and inspections. . . . all the stuff that goes with buying a house. {We're scheduled to close on Tuesday!} Add that to the general busyness of parenting, homeschooling, seminary-wife-ing and household managing, and I feel like the Thanksgiving season whizzed past before I had a chance to really enjoy it.

This next month promises to be even crazier with swimming lessons for the biggies {which I signed up & payed for months ago before we knew a new house would enter our lives}, packing and moving and cleaning, and end-of-semester papers and projects for hubby to finish up. I am determined not to let Christmas pass me by! I've spent a lot of time thinking about how to do this {all those hours in the van were good for something ;o) }. I've got to keep it simple, and am trying to choose things that will make the most impact.

What do you think?
If you really trim your Christmas-related stuff - decorating, activities at home and away from home - what makes the cut?


Angie said...

We would definitely keep the advent calendar, which I have yet to get consistent at. This year is the year. We would also keep the salt dough ornaments that the kids make and paint to give to friends and family. We would have the tree and nativity scene, but no other decorations. And gifts, even if it is only enough to be symbolic of what Christmas is about. Ah yes and Christmas music.
There is believe it or not there is alot that would be cut. Extra decor, cookies, gingerbread houses (I think those are def getting cut this year), mass mailing Christmas cards (I'd do an email one instead) Anyway I'm sure you get the point. Praying for you as you decide what to do for your family and what you can do without.

Rachel said...

I enjoyed reading your list, Angie. Thanks for commenting!