A small flame

A small flame

makin' a list . . .

I've come up with a shortish list of must-haves for the Christmas season this year. Since I know ya'll are just dying to read it, I'll share ;O)

1. quiet, Christmas worship - as I've thought about what was non-negotiable for Christmas this year, I concluded that the thing most important for me to really experience Christmas is my devotional time in the mornings - I read through a Christmas-themed devotional book each December - and my time of remembering and worshiping beside the tree each evening. No matter how busy I am, these set-aside-times to book-end my days are a must!

2. a tree - my hubby thinks I'm crazy since we'll have to move the tree from this house to the next, but a tree is a must-have!

3. fruitcake - now you know I'm crazy . . . but it's simply not Christmas without a loaf of my mama's fruitcake in the house!

4. Christmas music - to pack by ;o)

5. Christmas cards - keeping in touch with people we love across the country and around the world is so important to us . . . besides, we have a new address to share!

6. gifts - of course

7. our Christmas activity basket - I started this a few years ago. I put holiday-themed coloring books, picture books to read, and other fun Christmasy activities I collect for the kiddos to do in a basket and keep it close-by. When the boys are lookin' for something to do besides get into trouble, I can pull out an activity for them to do.

8. December Photo Project -to blog a picture each of the first 25 days of December. I did this last year and, while I don't think I'll do much blog writing this month, I'm gonna try to do the photo project again this year. Its a great way to keep track of the month, moving and all . . . and all ya'll know how much I looove to take pictures ;o)

I think that's it. Most of my Christmas decorations aren't even leaving the boxes they live in this year - just getting carried from storage here to storage in the new place.

Tomorrow: DPP Photo #1

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