A small flame

A small flame

Have I mentioned lately

how much I love my husband?

He is such a gift to me! He has taught me more about how to live a quiet, graceful, forgiveness-filled life than anybody else I know.

Currently, I am uber-thankful for the way he has stepped up and shouldered the weight of all this house-buying stuff. It seems like he has spent most of this past week on the phone with our Realtor and our loan guy. After working all night, he has forgone his nap most days in order to research things, negotiate contract details and make sure the bank has what it needs to start processing our loan. . . and, somewhere in there he has also managed to go to classes, do homework and help me with parenting. Last night he even made pizza ;o)

Today, I'm so very thankful for the gift of having my husband walk with me and share the weight of life.

Love you, honey!


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