A small flame

A small flame

Christmas is Comin'

With Christmas just around the corner, I wanted to write a quick post & put in a plug for '
shopping for a cause' -- specifically, the cause of adoption.

Families who are pursuing adoption often have some fund-raising venture. They may sell t-shirts, hand-made soap, ornaments, jewelry, wall art, coffee, dolls -- the list is as varied as the creativity of these special families!

An easy way to shop for adoption is Etsy. In the search box, simply type 'adoption' or 'adoption fund-raising' for a list of items being sold by adopting families.

One woman from our church sells hand-made soap for to help fund her family's adoption. She has some gorgeous-looking soaps! My favorite are the snowflakes.

This lady, also from O.D., makes & sells soap too. Her family is not adopting, but she does this side business as a way to raise money to give to friends who are adopting.

Another helpful resource
is this list. All items on this list are being sold as adoption fund-raisers.

If you're looking for gift ideas this year, why not seek out one of these families to buy from. In addition to finding unique items for people on your list, you'll be putting your money to work, helping a child find his or her way to their forever family.


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