A small flame

A small flame

Finding your piece of the puzzle

I recently found this blog. Less than a year ago, the author, Laura, moved with her husband and three young children to Thailand to work in a home for at-risk girls; rescuing precious children who would most likely end up in Thailand's sex trade. As a former MK, I love her blog. And, as someone whose heart is being invaded by Christ's mission to minister to the fatherless, I really love her blog! She writes with such raw honesty about the difficulty of transplanting their family to a world so completely different from everything they knew in America.

She has this theory that each of us has been given a piece to a puzzle - a part to play in God's plan for spreading His love to the 'least of these' around the world.

'While none of us can save the world, none of us should walk away from its injustices, either. Jesus Himself told us to protect and care for the little ones in our midst. Following that command can translate into a million different actions, but it can never translate into inaction. Each of us holds a piece of this puzzle. Perhaps it means sponsoring a child through Compassion or maybe it means offering prayers on their behalf at mealtimes. Maybe your role in fighting injustices toward children is donating money or fostering a teen or volunteering at an orphanage overseas for a week.' - from 'The Comfort of Walking Slowly'

I find this pretty thought-provoking!

Recently she wrote of a new opportunity to play a part in the ministry of loving girls in Chaing Mai - the chance to sponsor one of these beautiful young ladies. If you're trying to figure out what part you should play in the mission of loving of '
fatherless children in their distress' (James 1:27), maybe you would consider giving to one of these little ones?


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