A small flame

A small flame

Dancing Lessons

Recently, I found out about a trial that some acquaintances of mine are walking through. Rick, his wife Darla and their 6 children are missionaries in Papua New Guinea. Rick and I grew up in PNG at the same time, though because he was a few years older than me and his family lived in a different part of the country than I did, I can't say I knew him well.

A week ago, their family began a frightening trial as Darla began to exhibit some very serious and unexplained health symptoms. The fact that their family lives in a third-world country where medical care is limited at the best of times made the situation even more terrifying. As I have read the updates on her condition and the ways that God is intervening in their lives, I have found myself broken-hearted, encouraged and challenged.

The family has begun a blog where Rick and other family members regularly post updates. If you have time to read a bit of their story, I think it would be a blessing. I know the family would appreciate your prayers!


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