A small flame

A small flame

Beauty Rising

Into the darkness you shine
Out of the ashes we rise
There's no one like you
None like you

Our God is greater
Our God is stronger
God, you are higher than any other
Our God is Healer
Awesome in power
Our God

- 'Our God'; Chris Tomlin

It's been 9 months since I set out to find beauty and fill the barren spaces with it.

Remember how bare this stream looked?

I don't usually feel this good about my 'new years' resolutions' this far removed from January 1st . . . but this year is different.

God is faithful and, 9 months in, I'm still finding beauty.

Thought you'd like to see what 'our' stream looks like now.

It will take our breath away
To see the beauty that He's made
Out of the ashes, out of the ashes

- Beauty Will Rise; Chapman

In certain hope of more Beauty rising


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