A small flame

A small flame

Of New Dreams and a New Daughter

Ann writes about her daughter - a sponsor-daughter in Guatemala- and of how she feels pregnant. . . full of expectant hope and love for this child. And my tears come as I nod. I feel it too!

This week, I stood looking through a rack of little girl dresses - I've never picked those out before! - wondering which one she would like best and if it would fit her. And I felt that deep heart-tug. The love for a child I have never met. A sponsor-daughter loved by her heavenly Father, her hard-working mother . . . and, now, by me. Me! The Mama with 3 sons . . . and now an Ethiopian daughter. How blessed am I?

I fill a bag with peaches at the store, and I wonder if she's ever eaten a peach (I doubt it). And I ache to share them with her.

A hundred times a day her eyes look back at mine from the picture that now hangs in my kitchen. She's not smiling, and I wonder if our love - and the gifts we will send her - will make her face light up.

Of course there are the misgivings. What expectant Mama doesn't have those? But what are misgivings in the face of love? And how can they possibly keep me from accepting this God-given gift? The opportunity to pour into a child's life - a family's life - the riches of grace that He has given me.

"Sometimes the new life unfurling within us, the unexpected embryonic gift God’s placed within, asks us to be brave, to let God change the shape of us, to be courageous and let Him fill all of our skin and not shrink back because He’s so big." - Ann

I picked the dress in red - her favorite color. And I hope and pray that maybe, just maybe, this adopted Mama can impact my new heart-daughter's life for eternity.

"Parenting is a way of giving of self and we can all adopt more sons and more daughters who live in far away places but right here in our hearts ." - Anne

Half of the children at HelpKorah have been sponsored . . . but 17 boys and girls still need someone to commit to sponsor them. Would you consider letting God change the shape of your heart by letting Him pour His compassion and grace into their lives through you?

Link directly to their sponsorship page here.

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