A small flame

A small flame

NC Update - Our Summer Scrapbook

It’s hard to believe that it’s September already, isn’t it? The summer has flown by for us!

June was our annual trip ‘up north’ to Illinois and Wisconsin. I was so grateful to have my sister fly out to make the drive north with us! Not being the only adult on a cross-country trip with 3 kids was great! Other than the tummy bug Thomas picked up, we all had a wonderful time visiting people we love and making lots of happy memories!

Phil was able to get a week off of work and flew up to meet us in Wisconsin. Having him with us was the icing on the cake. I will say, though, that by the time we drove all the way back home, this Mama was ready to stay close to home for a good, long time!

July was extremely busy in other ways.

Philip took a summer school class – a third-level Hebrew class on the book of Jonah. Juggling work, class and homework was challenging, but he loves being able to read & translate Hebrew!

The professor for the class spent several years on mission in Indonesia where he taught Hebrew – in Indonesian. I’m still having a hard time wrapping my mind around that one ;O)

While Phil was in class, the boys & I kept busy with our summer reading lists, trips to the pool and a week-long sports camp for the ‘biggies’.

We picked our own, homegrown carrots and 12 pints of delicious blueberries from a local farmer.

Open Door does a children’s musical each summer, and Matthew was excited to be involved in that this year. After practicing all summer long, a very excited group of kiddos gave two performances in early August. The musical had a NASCAR theme, which was exciting for this boy-filled household! All 3 of our boys had the songs memorized after listening to the CD all summer so Matthew could learn the lyrics. Daniel & Thomas thoroughly enjoyed watching the familiar lines and songs come to life on stage!

This has been an unusually hot summer, the locals tell us, so we’ve been thanking the Lord daily for our central air! In honor of summer, Phil gave everyone buzz-cuts. . .

c Well, almost everyone.

The guys all tried to convince me to get one too, but I held out.

Which brings us to September. School is in full swing for everybody. Phil is taking classes on missions, New Testament theology and ethics. He is enjoying learning from the professors here. They have such a wealth of experience and knowledge to share!

Last week Phil attended the 9Marks conference - held on the seminary campus each fall - and enjoyed the opportunity to hear some great preaching & teaching from men like Thabiti Anyabwile, Matt Chandler, Mark Dever and David Platt. I am so excited for him to be able to have these experiences!

The boys and I are well into our school year as well. To make home schooling run more smoothly, we decided that I would not baby-sit this year. I absolutely love the lighter load and the opportunity to do extra things with my boys and with friends as well.

It still feels like summer out there,
but fall is coming.

Leaves are beginning to change, and the sunlight slants differently in the woods outside my kitchen windows. We’re looking forward to cooler temps – into the 80s, finally – and all the adventures that autumn holds.

Hope summer has gone well for you. As always, we enjoy hearing what adventures you’ve had and how you have been experiencing God.

Drop us a note and say ‘hey’!

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