A small flame

A small flame

in 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue . . .

When we do history together, the boys like to do something with their hands while they listen to me read aloud. Usually, they fiddle with whatever toy they've picked up before we start. But this year I have decided to have more structure to what they do during those times by giving them a project related to the person or time period we're studying.

We follow Sonlight's history scope and sequence, which means that in previous years we have studied world history. This year, we will be doing an overview of American history. We just finished reading about Columbus, so I chose these ships as our project. The boys colored and cut out the sails, windows and doors. We wanted the ships to be able to withstand a voyage in the bathtub, so instead of construction paper, we used craft foam to cover the ships. {Side note: use the self-adhesive foam - it'll save you lots of gluing!}

This was a fun project, and the boys were super excited about it. It turned out to be a bit more labor-intensive for me than I had expected, since I did much of the measuring & cutting of the foam. I used hot glue too, which the boys could not do.

The final product looked great, and although the foam stood up to the Tub Sea just fine, the boats kept tipping over due, I think, to the flat bottoms on the milk-cartons-turned-boats. Oh, well.

We're studying John Smith & Pocahontas next . . . maybe we'll make peace pipes . . . though war clubs are probably more fitting around here.


Angie said...

That is so neat. You do such a good job making school fun for your boys.

Rachel said...

Thanks, Angie. I tend to get focused on just getting stuff done, but I'm really trying this year to do those extra, fun things ;o)