A small flame

A small flame

Friday Favorite

Do you know about the Lost Boys of Sudan? 27,000 boys, some as young as 3 or 4, separated from their parents by the civil war in Sudan who walked over 1,000 miles trying to find safety and refuge. This just blows my mind!

In 2000-2001, the US granted over 3,000 of these Lost Boys refugee status.

I recently watched God Grew Tired of Us, which is about the next leg of the journey that some of these lost boys - grown to young men by the time of this film - made to the United States. It chronicles their amazing transition from a refugee camp in Kenya to places like New York city where they encounter indoor plumbing, electricity, and other 'joys' of modern, Western culture for the first time. The title - God Grew Tired of Us - comes from something one of the young men said on camera: that when, as a child, he and thousands of other boys struggled - and many of them failed - to survive on their journey out of Sudan, he truly thought that God had grown tired of them and had decided to wipe them off of the face of the earth. This documentary is sad, informative, funny and inspiring, and I'm so glad that I watched it.

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