A small flame

A small flame

Pondering . . .

Here's a bit of what I'm thinking on these days. Look for the lady with the amazing tattoo, holding a child -- about half-way through the video. Gets me every time!

Ethiopia 2009 from One Child Campaign on Vimeo.

The following are excerpts from two posts found at the same site the video comes from, here.

Every 15 seconds, another child becomes an AIDS orphan in Africa
Every DAY, 5,760 more child become orphans
Every YEAR, over 2 million more children are orphaned (in Africa alone)
Approximately 250,000 children are adopted annually
Every YEAR, over 14 million children will still grow up as orphans and age out of the system, many ending up in the sex trade. . . .

Recently, UNICEF concluded that there are indeed 163 million orphans in the world today. . .

What is happening to orphans right now as I write?

They are hungry.
They are eating trash.
They are chased away from the trash.
They are naked.
They are exhausted from running scared all the time.
They are tied up.
They live without shelter.
They live in fear of being abducted.
They live in fear of being eaten by wild animals.
They are raped.
They are prostituted.
They are beaten---in unimaginable ways.
They witness their friends being sold.
They live in fear being sold themselves.
They are forced to lie.
They steal out of necessity.
They are burned.
They are bruised.

Sometimes they wish they were never born.
They feel invisible.
They wonder why God doesn't like them. . . .

Overwhelmed? The statistics are staggering and can paralyze us. Don't let this happen. . . if you make a difference in the life of one child by simply hearing and obeying the voice of God, you are making an impact for eternity. . . .

Did you know that if only 7% (yes, JUST 7%!!!) of professing Christians around the world responded, every single orphan (over 147 million orphans) in the world would have a home? Where is the church? . . .

Once we see ourselves as the same orphans who needed a Savior-- who were rescued by a Savior-- Who gave everything up for us, then we CANNOT turn our backs on them.

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