A small flame

A small flame

Our First Day Fun

Today was our first day of school. I'm so glad that I thought to plan ahead for some special, fun things this year!

We did do a bit of school with our fun new pencils, but we had lots of extras too.

Breakfast was blueberries and personalized pancakes.

I love the photo ideas I've seen for the first day of school - especially the ones where parents have kids hold up the number of fingers to show what grade in school they're starting. But since the biggies do most of the same work, and Thomas isn't technically in school but wants to be included, I tweaked the photo idea a bit to fit our family better. I printed each boy's age on card stock. Each boy got to decorate their number, and when the paint was dry I had them pose with their number. I think we'll love these pics for years to come ;o)

I had the boys fill out this Time Capsule form. We'll enjoy reading through those in a few years . . . if we can decipher their spelling.

We started our new math curriculum (Math-U-See), so the boys enjoyed some 'Free Exploration' time with the manipulative blocks. I'm not sure how the blocks will do for math, but they make great castles!

We had some coupons for free stuff at Chick-fil-a, so we decided to end our day with dinner there.

The extra planning for this day was well worth it! Everybody is off to bed, tired and happy. Well, except for Thomas who is in that melt-down tired state. Yawn!

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