A small flame

A small flame

Lotu long kain kain tokples

or, ' Multilingual Worship '

This past weekend, Open Door had one of their English / Spanish services. There is a Spanish 'Sunday school' class each week and, although people who are part of this Spanish ABF worship in the main service every Sunday, these bilingual services have a distinct emphasis on bringing the Spanish language into every facet of the service. Songs are sung in both Spanish and English to the accompaniment of music with a distinctly Latino sound; Hispanic believers share their testimonies in their heart language; and an interpreter translates the sermon into Spanish.

This is the second of these worship services we have been a part of, and I love it! There is something about multilingual worship that fills me up in a way English worship alone doesn't. Maybe it's because, as a MK, I sometimes sing the worship songs during a service in my own heart language. {Now you know my secret ;o} Or, maybe it's because I am falling more and more in love with a church that reflects heaven, where people from every nation and tongue will worship God together.

I recently found out about this unique ministry. The people at Proskuneo Ministries are excited about multi-ethnic, multilingual worship. I found the following video clips interesting and inspiring. The first one will get you thinking, and the second one is, I think, a little taste of what the worship will look like when I get to heaven. Enjoy!

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