A small flame

A small flame


I'm a MK and I grew up in a third world country.

That means, among other things, that I am very accustomed to sights that clench at many American's hearts. Although there was not rampant homelessness or starvation where I grew up, bare-footed children dressed in dirty, faded clothing, tiny grass huts or selvage houses and muddy, unpaved streets all seem normal to me. I'm not heartless - I just don't have an urge to rush to make their lives look more like mine.

And when it comes to brothers and sisters in Christ who live this way, I know that their joy in spite of what, by American standards are impoverished lives, does not mean that they are super Christians. They struggle with loving God and living out the Gospel, just like I do - their struggles just wear different circumstances than mine.

Since moving into a 'main-stream' American lifestyle, I have from time to time wrestled with how I feel about all this. With how differently I feel about those pictures that get shown on missions Sundays in church. And, I have wondered how, if at all, my perspectives should change to better reflect the Gospel.

I've told you all this so that the next part of the story makes God look as glorious as He is. So you will understand how unlike me this next part of the story is. How clearly it is a 'God thing' and
not a 'Rachel thing'.

A few weeks ago one of the sweet adoptive mamas at O.D. posted a video on her blog. I was interested and clicked on the button to start the video. . . And that button broke my heart. Even now, I find myself grasping for words about how profoundly that short video clip is changing me. How it provides answers for some of the questions I've been pondering. How it sets new dreams and purpose springing up inside of me.

I'll share more about the new directions this is taking me and our family in another post. For now, let me just share this video with you.

May God break our hearts for the things that break His heart!

The Village of Korah - A short documentary from Session 7 Media on Vimeo.

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Dan and Donette said...

Finally got your blog to work! I think it has more to do on my end than yours, but first thing we did was watch the Korah video. It was moving, especially to Elijah. We talked about leperosy afterwards and googled images.

We had a TERRIBLE night last night dealing with food at dinner. I'm with you in wanting the kids to understand how rich we are and to be compassionate for those forgotten souls. This video helped. Thanks for posting.