A small flame

A small flame

Please note: no tobacco was consumed in the translating of these verses. . .

In an effort to get more credits to his credit {pun totally intended ;0}, Phil decided to take one of those dreaded summer classes. For the past week and a half, he has been attending third semester Hebrew class every day . . . we're now officially half-way through the class.

It makes for a crazy schedule, for sure! Most nights, Phil works midnight to 8 am, then attends class 9 am to noon. Afternoons and evenings are a competition between sleep and several hours of homework before the cycle starts all over again. Since this class is beyond beginning Hebrew {which teaches the basic rules & vocab}, the bulk of the homework involves translating the book of Jonah from Hebrew into English. If you know my sweetie well at all, you know how good he is with languages. Praise the Lord for that! I see how hard he studies, and I wonder how in the world we'd manage this Hebrew thing if he wasn't good with languages!

So, that's what our lives are consumed with right now. Phil working and studying and muttering strange, guttural words in Biblical Hebrew. . . me trying to keep the boys in line and praying I won't slip completely off the edge of sanity.

Oh, and if you're wondering about the pipe, he's not smoking. He says it just makes him feel smarter to hold it in his mouth. . . Wait! who did I say was going slightly crazy? ;o)


Karen said...

:^) He looks like Indiana Jones in the picture. I've told Sean he can smoke a pipe when he turns 80--why do so many guys seem to think pipes are cool? :^)

Jennifer said...

Rachel, I miss you! We need to plan a weekend soon. Tim and KAthi will be here in August, the 10th til the 19th. Do you think we can get together during that time? I am sure they would like to see you.

Rachel said...

Jennifer, I miss you too! Been thinking about trying to get together with ya'll . . . I'll send you a longer message soon & we'll get it figured out. ;o)