A small flame

A small flame

More Power Camp

My monsters sweet children are in here somewhere. . . . thanks to Carie S. for the video!

Nothing Better Than Jesus
- Sovereign Grace Music

There’s nothing better than Jesus
How happy are the ones who belong to You
There’s nothing better than Jesus
The One who is the life and the only truth
And when You come, You fill our lives with fruit
There’s nothing better than You

What a beautiful world You’ve made for us
Filled with wonderful gifts that show Your love
The mountains and the valleys
The planets and the stars
But none of these can compare with who You are

What a beautiful thing You’ve done for us
Came to die for our sins upon the cross
You love the weak and humble
Who run to You for help
You have the power to save like no one else

Planets and oceans, towering trees
Jesus is greater than all of these
Armies and airplanes, princes and kings
Jesus is stronger than everything
Presents and birthdays, Jesus is better
Forever and always, Jesus is better
Better than anything that you can imagine
Jesus is better than all

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