A small flame

A small flame


After-vacation-Monday with laundry to be done, weeds to pull in the garden, bags to unpack.

Now-we-can-start-summer-Monday with lists of projects I hope to finish and boys giddy at the promise of playing all day.

Multitude Monday with a list of thanks-givings from the past couple of weeks - love gifts from the Father - that I'm itching to share. I truly am so very blessed.

scent of fresh-cut grass

porch swing cuddles

boy giggles

warm chocolate chip cookies

cool breeze and

warm sunshine

spaghetti-sauce-red faces

laughing with my sister

muddy feet

baseball gloves big and small

McDonalds with playlands

a thumb-sucking baseball player

stories read aloud to

rapt-attentioned boys

exhausted toddler, fast-asleep

thunderstorm snuggles

dewdrop diamonds

wrinkled hands, full of the Word

my Grandma who, at 92, still reads her Bible every day


laughing til I hurt with friends I love

feeling welcomed

Sunday hugs

realizing God uses me

Godly advice

2000 miles traveled safely

What love-gifts has He lavished on you?

"Let your religion be less of a theory
and more of a love affair."

~ G.K. Chesterton

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