A small flame

A small flame

NC Update

May already! Amazing to think we're just a few weeks away from the mid-point of 2010, isn't it?

The past few months have been busy ones. Some highlights have been::

Spring came in March, and we discovered the breath-taking beauty of spring in North Carolina. Of course, with great flowers comes great pollination, so we're giving thanks for allergy medication!

The Lord blessed us with a new-to-us minivan to replace our old, 'blue van'. This was a much-needed blessing. Phil has dubbed our new van 'the silver bullet'.

We also enjoyed a visit from a Wisconsin friend who brought us brats.

We had a wonderful time of fellowship and loved showing her bits and pieces of our life here.

In April, shorts-wearing weather arrived and the seeds we'd planted in our garden began to sprout. We've been picking our own lettuce & spinach for salads for over a month now, and I am loving it! Our carrots are coming along nicely too. I'm hoping to enjoy our own tomatoes, peppers and squash a little later in the summer.

Matthew & Daniel participated in the AWANA Grand Prix for the first time. They had a great time, in spite of not winning the coveted trophies.

May marks the beginning of extra busy-ness coming our way!

We have already been strawberry picking with near-by cousins, and are the proud possessors of 24, 23, 22 pints of the most delicious strawberry jam ever!

This past weekend, I flew up north for my sister's graduation from college. I was blessed to enjoy a too-short visit with a sweet friend who picked me up from the airport and spend time with my family who gathered for the event. I loved the little break from all my day-to-day responsibilities. My one complaint was the 40-50 degree temperature shift between a summery Wake Forest and a chilly Wisconsin / Illinois. I just about froze!

Over the next 3 weeks our family will be finishing up the school year. The boys and I will be done the last Wednesday of May, and Philip has finals in just a couple of weeks. Finishing our first year of seminary is an exciting milestone . . . even if we do have several more years ahead of us.

This month Matthew will turn 8 and Phil & I will celebrate 11 years of marriage. Amazing how time flies, isn't it?

In early June, we will be taking the silver bullet on its first long trip up north. My sister will be joining the boys and I on the trip, which will hopefully lighten the load for me. Single-parenting while driving 1000 miles has its draw-backs! We will spend time with my parents in Illinois and also some time with our Wisconsin 'family'. Philip was able to get a week off of work, so he will be flying north to join us half-way through our time. We're looking forward to vacation as a family and hoping to see lots of you!

We know that many of you hold us up before the Father, and we are so thankful for your prayer support! Some ways you can pray for us are::

1. For continued emotional and spiritual healing & growth.

2. For focus & endurance as we finish up the school year.

3. For safety in our June travels.

We would love to hear what God is doing in your life and how we can pray for you. We always enjoy hearing from you!

The Bramblets

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